Vigil for 22 People on March 8, 2017

for 22 outdoor/violent homeless deaths December 2016-January 2017:

Henry Alexander, Thomas Payne, Jr, Aaron Roberts, John Cress, Jose Roman-Muniz, Robert C. Patterson, Iris Cloud, Jeffry Bierig, Nicole Williams,
Kevin W. Bouwkamp, Bruce Sarvis, Robert Trevino, Hong Ha, Patrice Pitts, Drew Fife, David Chaney, Kevin Hitchye, Paul Duran, Lannette Deffley,
Mark Rice, Kerry Ewing, & James McGinnis

 12 NOON—1 PM
In front of Municipal Courthouse/Seattle Justice Center

 Every time a homeless person is found dead outside or dies by violence in King County, WHEEL (a homeless women’s organizing effort) mobilizes for our silent witnessing vigil called Women in Black.


After an unprecedented delay, our group today received a new Medical Examiners Office list of homeless deaths by name, location and cause for the months of December 2016 through and including February 2017. There were a shocking, heartbreaking and enraging number of outdoor/violent deaths on this list, totaling 22 altogether, and including FOUR hypothermia deaths in a one-week span in December.

On Wednesday, March 8th, we will stand to honor and remember these 22 beloved and not-forgotten people. We will put out a Public Statement at or before this vigil. Please join us as we call out these names and cry out for justice. We’ll be remembering:

  • Henry Alexander, 41, who appears to have been hit by a car and killed in the 7200 block of Lake City Way on 12/8.
  • Thomas Payne Jr, 59, who died of hypothermia at the 2900 block of Colorado S on 12/8.
  • Aaron Roberts, 48, who died of hypothermia in Federal Way on 12/9.
  • John Cress, 50, who died of hypothermia at 1419 Alaska Way S on 12/9.
  • Jose Roman-Muniz, 51, who died of hypothermia at 7201 E Greenlake Dr N on 12/14.
  • Robert C Patterson, 37, who died of natural causes at 408 Corson (Georgetown) on 12/20.
  • Iris Cloud, 45, beloved of DESC, who died by OD at Courthouse Park on 12/24.
  • Jeffrey Bierig, 27, who died of toxic asphyxia at the Jiffy Car Wash in SeaTac on 12/31.
  • Nicole Williams, 36, who died on 1/7 at the 7900 bl Aurora; cause of death pending.
  • Kevin W. Bouwkamp, 60, who appears to have been hit by a car and killed at MLK Way/Cherry on 1/9.
  • Bruce Sarvis, 62, who died on 1/7 at an undisclosed location, unknown cause of death.
  • Robert Trevino, 27, who died by OD at the Northgate Library on 1/20.
  • Hong Ha, 52, who died on 1/18 at an undisclosed location, unknown cause of death.
  • Patrice Pitts, 52, who was shot to death at 619 Third Avenue on 1/29.
  • Drew Fife, 62, who died of natural causes at a Federal Way restaurant on 2/4.
  • David Chaney, 23, who died of blunt force injury at 2501 N Northlake Way on 2/5.
  • Kevin Hitchye, Jr, 24, who drowned in Federal Way on 2/8.
  • Paul Duran, 46, who died of sepsis at Aurora Ave N/John St on 2/14.
  • Lannette Deffley, 52, who died at an undisclosed location on 2/17, unknown cause of death.
  • Mark Rice, 67, who died of natural causes at Franklin Ave E/E Blaine on 2/21.
  • Kerry Ewing, 56, who died at Terminal 30 on 2/21; cause of death pending.
  • James McGinnis, 62, who died at 8th/Pike on 2/23; cause of death pending.

Much more information about these beloved individuals might be known by the time of our March 8th vigil. We will be making a statement by that time, and will share information as we get it.

By our current reckoning, at least 62 homeless people died outside or by violence in 2016, which is the 2nd-highest number of deaths in one year in our history.

 By our current reckoning, at least 15 have died outside or by violence already this year, which is by far a record-breaking rate of death in our City and County.

The dead exert a protective influence and their spirits rejoice when they know that their names are still used in the world!”     –Louise Erdrich, “The Antelope Wife”



 For more info: WHEEL #956-0334 or
or Homeless Remembrance Project on Facebook

Men are welcome to help leaflet at vigils or stand with us in solidarity.

Download a printable flyer and help spread the word

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