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The Vision of Women in Black

Beginning in May 2000, WHEEL (a homeless women’s organizing effort) and Mary’s Place (an empowerment ministry of women and families) have held Women in Black silent witnessing vigils honoring the lives of homeless individuals who have died while living on the streets of Seattle. Their efforts to draw visibility to this issue have focused the attention of local media, city government and the general public.

In 2003, our Women in Black began working to create a place where everyone may gather to remember those who have passed under these most unfortunate circumstances. It is our intent that such a place will provide comfort, greater understanding and a sense of ‘home’ for both the homeless and housed communities.

Ultimately, we hope the creation of this place will signify a moment in history when we collectively recognize the need and develop the will to bring an end to some of the many causes of homelessness.


More about WHEEL/Mary’s Place Women in Black:

  • The Longest Night: National Memorial Day for Homeless People” by Michele Marchand
  • When we learn of a death, we gather the following Wednesday at noon at the Seattle Justice Center (5th and Cherry Streets), where we stand in silent vigil for an hour. Supporters leaflet passersby with information about why we are vigilling and how the community, working together, can solve homelessness. To join our phone/email notification list for these vigils, please call WHEEL at (206) 956-0334 or email wheelorg@yahoo.com.


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