We are a community, homeless and housed together.

The Homeless Remembrance Project is a homeless-led, community building movement nurturing connections among people—homeless and housed, living and dead.

Angeline’s Leaf Dedication
September 28, 2017

Tree of Life, Day View

Tree of Life, Day View

Tree of Life, Night View

Tree of Life, Night View

a Leaf of Remembrance installation

Leaves of Remembrance


Personal stories


The Homeless Remembrance Project mission is to build the Beloved Community by:

• Honoring and remembering people in the homeless community who have died.
• Nurturing community among people—the living and the dead.
• Creating hope and healing.
• Raising consciousness of our human solidarity while inspiring action to end homelessness through systemic change.

For nine years, the Homeless Remembrance Project–a collaborative effort of homeless women, faith community leaders, designers, artists, social service providers and other friends–has worked to create places of hope, healing, and beauty to honor and remember homeless people who’ve died in King County. Our concept is twofold: The Tree of Life, in Victor Steinbrueck Park, is a sculpture with space for community gathering, hope, and healing; to recognize that we are one people, homeless and housed together, and we can end homelessness. Leaves of Remembrance on Seattle sidewalks bear the names of those who have died, and at the site Fallen Leaves we share their stories.